About Toure Guido and Michela

Toure Guido ( pr Touray Gweedoh )  was raised by Gypsies in Ramazzano le Pulci Italy.  His  Sainted mother, Sofia Pisciotta taught him how to survive on the streets. This is where he learned how to become an “uomo internazionale di mistero “. His hobbies are learning the world so to share with others, and  preparing to be a Knight of the Capra di Potenza . He is a master of dis guys and often he will sound like the locals to blend in. Is he Italiano ? Is he Francais ? Is he Americano ? Who knows, he is an international man of mystere.

Michela was born Michela Amore Passionale in danza scimpanzé,  just south of scivolando scimmia.  She was well known  in the Venice Opera , but left after much scolding for her improvisation  of Opera with  Bon Jovi lyrics.

Michela met Toure at the Carnevale di nani puzzolenti where they fell in love  within 5 minutes. They decided to join forces to share the wonders of the world. You may never know where they are and who they may be, but neither do they, thus this is their charm, their “follia .  Thank you for travelling with them, and as they say,   godere della vita come a Ubriaco come una scimmia


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